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Omniquad provides Cloud Hosted IT Security to business
and enterprise customers globally

About Omniquad

Omniquad helps organizations secure and manage their information and internet communications, manage and control internet access and provide a secure online work environment for its clients and their employees.

Omniquad is a trail blazing internet Security Company which helps businesses and organisations secure and manage their business networks, email security and web security. Innovative remote IT solutions protect against internet related threats at every point, efficiently and effectively giving businesses greater confidence when their employees are browsing the internet, emailing, downloading files and information, sharing or storing information online.

Omniquad was established in 1997 by a young technology wizard who wanted to provide innovative solutions to the problems of online safety and email security. Based in London, Omniquad is now providing cutting edge IT Security Services that have won both industry acclaim and media recognition.

“Our latest and most comprehensive internet security solutions are cloud based, offering remote protection against new and emerging threats, thus always keeping one step ahead. Plus our complete web filtering service gives you more choice and more power to eliminate risk, so protecting your assets and your employees. Our data recovery and email back-up service is there as essential backup should things go wrong with your own mail servers. Under our cloud protection, you can shelter from any stormy weather.”

Daniel Sobstel, CTO Omniquad Ltd

Omniquad is building on the past to secure your company’s future with comprehensive technology.

illustrationThe first technology company to introduce digital employee monitoring solutions, Omniquad was featured on BBC “The Money Programme” with their innovative solution Desktop Surveillance already back in 1999 and won industry recognition for their innovation by national newspapers already back in 1999. See for example an article from The Independent.

Among the first to establish “software as service” with the Mailwall Remote managed email security solution, Omniquad has filtered and secured email correspondence (both inbound and outbound) for clients for more than a decade, eliminating spam an email borne threats.

Building on the success of Desktop Surveillance, Omniquad was among the first companies to provide a fully comprehensible hosted access and control management tool together with web filtering in the Surfwall Remote web security solution.

Omniquad continues to provide pro-active protection against threats for small and large businesses, public organisations and global companies. By outsourcing IT Security services to Omniquad, clients can save their own resources and benefit from the competence of security specialists on demand.

“Our passion is your best line of defence and we'll keep working to stay on top of our game so that you can always have complete confidence in us to safeguard your data and privacy; because online security should be a given.”