Network Penetration Testing

Would you want to know if your networks could be hacked?
Is your Firewall doing its job? Keep your networks secure
by assessing network weaknesses and security holes!

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Most of us do all we can to keep our networks secure and safe by installing anti-viruses, firewalls and filtering emails, but we know that this just isn’t enough. Hacking techniques are getting ever more sophisticated and just one vulnerability in your network security could lead to serious repercussions for your entire business. Wouldn’t it be pertinent therefore to go with a service that performs a full evaluation of your entire security, checking for any weaknesses or potential gaps in your network? This is the service that Omniquad BorderSecure offers. If we can get through your network security then so can others, so why take the chance?

BorderSecure is one of the most comprehensive network security services available today. It works by tapping into the mindset of potential intruders, performing selective checks on your email, router, servers and networks, searching out vulnerabilities that could potentially be exploited. We’ll then give you a report that details what we have found and what action you can take to repair any weaknesses. Our detailed report will enable you to better manage your risks, assess your security and eliminate any vulnerabilities, preventing attacks before it is too late. As new threats emerge, further checks will be made and updates carried out to offer continual safety and security.

Omniquad’s BorderSecure is the online equivalent of putting steel ring-fencing around your network and employing soldiers to guard every inch of it from any kind of threat or attack. We don’t just rely on one method or allow ourselves to relax and take our eyes off the ball, we use a variety of methods to test your security all of the time. If we can get in, then anyone can. So protect your security and your business and let BorderSecure guard your assets.

Architecture and Working of BorderSecure

Architecture and Working of BorderSecure

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Cyber Threat Prevention

"E-crime, or cyber-crime, whether relating to theft, hacking or denial of service to vital systems, has become a fact of life. The risk of industrial cyber espionage, in which one company makes active attacks on another, through cyberspace, to acquire high value information is also very real."


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