• "We have now been with Omniquad for over a year and we have found the service to be exceptionally good, not had a virus related e-mail attack since moving to Omniquad, this has allowed the IT team to focus on the core business Activities." Payzone

  • "Thank you for providing an excellent service over the last three years. Trace has been pleased both with the protection afforded by the spam filtration and of equal importance the comfort of having a 'disaster recovery' email system available by using the web interface should our own Exchange Server fail." Trace Group

  • "Happy with the quality of the anti virus engine, this is the most important benefit to us and I'm impressed with its performance so far" RCP

  • "E-Mail Management was a time consuming task with scanning for Viruses and SPAM clogging up our Network. Using Mailwall RemoteTM we have been successful in stopping 100% of Viruses and over 99% of SPAM coming into the Network, as a result my time is no longer spent continually fire-fighting Mail issues." Scottish Ambulance

  • "It's also important to remember that the system is doing a very good job of stopping 1000's of virus infected emails and spam that would ordinarily end up in users inbox." JST Group

  • ".....the quarantine area offered a greater flexibility in actually viewing all of the Mails including source code and telling us exactly what rule it had matched or what Virus had been detected within the specific Mail. The reporting functionality is very comprehensive and means that we can produce Mail reports based on individual Mail domains in each country." Fujitsu

  • "Caretower have been providing us with anti-spam/virus systems for a number of years now. They were the obvious choice when it came to providing a new mail filtering system and disk encryption software." Arsenal Football Club Plc (about Omniquad's solutions through distributor Caretower)

  • Just another example of the high quality fantasticsupport/service received from OMNIQUAD. For the whole month of June 2006, Incoming Email Total = 51207, Outgoing Email Total = 19832, Inbound Blocked Virus = 647 (100% Success), Inbound Blocked SPAM = 7623 Bradford Community Housing

  • "We have used Mailwall remote for several years now, initially we did tender to several similar companies, but we found no other company was able to provide a product which does what it says on the tin. This combined with professional, quick support and value for money it was an easy decision." Doyle Plc

  • You managed 100% catch on Sunday, Monday was About 98.5% (typically that's one email per 12 hour period), so yes doing well on the Spam catch! B&CE Benefit Scheme

  • "... we trialled a couple of Managed E-Mail solutions and Mailwall Remote was the one that gave us the most flexibility and also the best value for money." Sytner

Omniquad Mission Statement

Omniquad’s mission is simple. We make security solutions that will fit seamlessly into your IT environment. Our solutions should be an advantage to your business, keep your networks, your data, your assets, your emails and your employees secure online. We aim to keep your data in your company, and security threats outside.