Omniquad Warns:
Not to fall for the London “2012 Olympic” Email Scam fraudulently

News from Omniquad | August 15, 2012

British Airways and London Olympics 2012 used as bait for Email Phishing Scam.

The London Olympics 2012 has been targeted by various scams, but one of the latest scam attempts is following the script of your good old “lottery scam”.

The scammers are using both the name of London 2012 Olympics, and reputable British Airways to try make their scam look legitimate.

The scam email is a notification that the user has been awarded 170,000 pounds in a lottery program piloted by the “British Airways Board of Promotion” in conjunction with the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. As a sponsor of the London 2012 Olympic, British Airways has picked out random email addresses in an email lottery program, it has subject “2012 Olympic”.

The want the victim to supply their personal information such as Full Names, Delivery Address, Nationality, Present Location, Occupation, Phone Number(s) for immediate dispatch of winning price cheque of 170,000 pounds. Once you contact the agent/reply to his or her email, you will be asked to pay some fees towards processing fees, taxes, couriers fees etc… in order for the winning amount to be released.

London 2012 Olympic Email Phishing Scam

The email is of course a scam.

Tips for identifying lottery style scams

  • You cannot win a prize unless you have actually bought a ticket,
  • There is no such thing as 'email/phone number' draws,
  • Real Lotteries never ask the winners to pay any fees before receiving the winning amount (other than perhaps deducting any such fees from the price money),
  • Lottery scams often come from free email account like yahoo, hotmail etc.

Tips to protect yourself

  • Never respond to spam / suspicious email or emails from unknown senders,
  • Do not click on any link from the email,
  • Do not open any file attached to the email,
  • Do not supply your personal / Bank account information to strangers, they are most likely scammers.

We have seen many different examples of such scam mails, next time the mail text/offer and approach of the sender may be different. The sender will claim that the mail is from one of the Olympics sponsors or well known organization associated with Olympics, such as in this case, British Airways.