Omniquad Informs: BT Internet
and Yahoo! Email Accounts
Compromised – What to do?

News from Omniquad | Jun 14, 2013

BT Internet and Yahoo! Email Accounts Compromised

We have recently become aware of several issues associated with BT and Yahoo email accounts. Some of these accounts have become compromised by hackers and as a result their accounts are sending emails to their contacts which contain unauthorised and unsafe links to slimming pills and similar products.  This is obviously of huge concern.

If you have email security in place then it is worth checking with your provider to see if they are aware of the recent threat and to remove BT Internet and Yahoo accounts from your email ‘safe list’ for now.

Should you receive an email from a BT Internet or Yahoo account, even if it is from a trusted source, do not click on any links it may contain as you could compromise your computer and become a victim yourself. Instead, always check direct with the sender and if possible, ask them if they can re-send using a different email address. Never click on a suspicious looking link contained in an email as it could leave you exposed to malware.

BT is looking to replace Yahoo email with its own email service due to the ongoing security issues with Yahoo email.

Citadel Botnet Malware

The most damaging and infamous of all malware is the Citadel Botnet. The Citadel botnet is capable of accessing your computer and stealing sensitive information such as banking details; or locking your pc and demanding payment whilst in the guise of the FBI.

Despite co-ordinated efforts by Microsoft, Internet Service Providers and law enforcement agencies, many people still fall victim to such malware attacks. The problem is that by the time Press Releases are issued, warning people of a new threat, many users have unwittingly already fallen victim and an infection can go undetected for months.

Omniquad Surfwall checks all links against known malicious sites in real time, thus preventing any threat from even reaching your inbox. We track source IP addresses to ensure that they are reputable and our information is constantly being updated using leading security intelligence providers such as Spamhaus.

By running anti-virus programs concurrently we can also detect any weaknesses which is why we periodically change and update the anti-virus programs we run. To date we are in the process of rolling out a highly rated and well-known anti-virus product; BitDefender. BitDefender will add that vital layer of extra protection against botnets and they are fully away of the Citadel botnet threat (more about this particular malware can be found on their own website).

Every link received is checked against our dedicated, updated database of malicious websites as well as Google’s own database and even if the site appears to have a good reputation, we still scan the contents to give you double protection.

If your provider does not give you this protection then why not discover how Surfwall can protect you at home and at work – you can even sign up for a trial period. Meanwhile we would ask everyone to remain vigilant and ensure that your local network defences are up to date and running correctly.