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News from Omniquad | Oct 10, 2013

New Surfwall category – Payday Loans

Working proactively with organizations that take additional steps towards social responsibility in the workplace, we are adding new Payday Loans category. By default it will be allowed, and it is up to you as policy maker to decide whether you want to block access to it. You could for example block it by default, but create a temporary exclusion allowing user access but warning them of consequences resulting from taking a 5000% APR loan.

Mailwall - Personal Blacklists and Whitelists

Listening to customer feedback and shifting to more modern terminology, we are renaming these to Block Lists and Allow Lists - this is how they will appear on the spam digest received by your end users. For operational/technical reasons, we will still use the term blacklist when communicating directly with you regarding Internet spam blacklists.