New email security service

News from Omniquad | Sep 29, 2014

Omniquad will be launching an unique and exciting new service to protect businesses and users from email borne threats.

How does an organisation defend its perimeters, its users, and above all, protect its business information and assets from security threats delivered through email?

Phishing has become almost as common as spam. The reason it is such a popular tool for cyber criminals is that phishing actually works. If it did not work, your mailbox/quarantine/spam folder would not be inundated by emails from the bank manager or relatives of former dictators requiring your assistance in exchange for money beyond your wildest dreams. Nor would it be bombarded by emails pretending to be from your bank, or other services used daily. So how do you defend against it?

A cross-functional and multi layered approach is needed.

The first layer is to ensure that anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-malware applications are well maintained and up-to-date – preferably ensuring that at least two different engines are used. Omniquad’s Mailwall email filtering does this in its cloud hosted email security service.

The next layer is to ensure that applications and operating systems are up-to-date with the latest patches and updates. Your IT department should have this covered.

Then there is Spam. Every IT manager knows that there is no such thing as a 100% spam catch guarantee.

The fourth layer is the most important one, namely the recognition that when everything else is taken care of technically, what really matters is the human and the social elements.

Spear-phishing is a type of highly targeted phishing attack that focuses on a single end - user or department within an organisation. They often appear to be addressed from someone within the organization in a position of trust and requesting information such as login IDs and passwords. Spear phishing scams may appear to be from an organization's own human resources or technical support and may ask employees to update their username and passwords.

Because Phishing and spear-phishing attacks are predominantly targeting end-users, the heart of the problem is the spam that slips through the net, which contain the skilfully crafted email, the link to the well-designed copycat site where your end-user either give away confidential information or log in details. Or worse, details to your business accounts or log in details to your secure networks, internal portals or collaboration platforms.

How do you protect your end users and ultimately your business from this? This is tackled by investing in a security education and awareness programme designed to increase the knowledge of phishing and spear-phishing and associated risks. Omniquad’s Phishwise does just that.

Omniquad Phishwise is Spear-Phishing vulnerability testing alongside an education programme. The service will test your end-users ability to recognize phishing and spear-phishing emails, as well as raising their awareness and knowledge of risk.