New features with Surfwall Remote – Blocking scam websites

News from Omniquad | Oct 6, 2014

We are regularly updating Surfwalls features, to ensure we and you stay on top your end-users digital experience, and to give our customers the flexibility they require.

There is no escaping our digital world, we do more and more online, and while the end - users have different grades of internet access, some have full access and some none, and others get to do their online chores during lunch.

In recognition of this, there is a new feature we are excited to tell you about:

Scam sites – Blocking or warning

Let us take online tax disc renewals as an example. With the abolition of the paper vehicle tax disc, a record will be kept online, and motorists get to renew their tax disc online. Numerous copycat sites which duped people into paying fees were preying on people not paying attention to detail, or not knowing that the DVLA provides this free through the correct channels. This is not a problem restricted to renewing the tax disc, but making SORN declarations, completing tax returns, applying for EHIC cards, passports, or even tax return completion services.

With Surfwall Remote, you can now either block sites such as government services copycat sites, or display a warning that the website the user is about to enter is dubious, and direct them towards legitimate government sites which provides the service they are after. The benefit of doing this is twofold: You protect your employees: your employees do not end up providing private or confidential data to third parties which makes them vulnerable to cyber threats and further targeting. You take steps to protect your business, as being aware of social online responsibility can ward of targeted attacks on your employees in future.