Omniquad launches new
Email Archiving Service

News from Omniquad | June 15, 2007Back to Mailwall Remote page

Omniquad expands its managed security offerings by adding Email Archiving Service to cater to small, medium and large businesses.

The rising needs of email storage and legal compliance is pushing businesses to look for new and improved archiving solutions. Most businesses, small or large have the burden of retaining emails of there employees for strategic or atleast legal/statutory compliance.

Omniquad, with its Managed Email Archiving service, makes it really easy for businesses worldwide to fill this gap. Demand for Archiving of emails has increased more than 120% over past 12 months and according to many surveys, it is expected to triple by 2011 a whopping 300% on the present figure. Omniquad with its cost-effective service and state of art technology will provide businesses the best way out to tackle issues like email continuity and recovery with legal compliance.

Apart from the above mentioned issues; few of the concerns of IT managers today are: remote access of email archives for traveling employees, freeing up space on company's mail-servers, better general record keeping, email contingency management and recovery. This new service from Omniquad provides greater mobility by offering web access to the email archives in a very organized manner, offers the option of mail forwarding, 24/7 customer support and data duplication at multiple geographical locations for enhanced reliability.

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