Omniquad announces new
Enterprise Security Suite

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Omniquad releases managed enterprise security suite to address specific security needs of Small and Medium size Businesses. With integration of its managed security services Mailwall remote and Surfwall remote, Omniquad will now make life of spammers, virus/malware developers miserable.

This integrated suite is a new generation in network security services. Be it viruses, spam mails, phishing attacks, web-spyware, illicit content, unauthorized employee behaviour - All the email and web threats can now be tackled and at lower cost. With proprietary content scanning technologies and partnerships with leading security vendors, Omniquad aims at address all the issues your business can face relating to bandwidth chocking, storage, flooding of mailserver, illicit content download, lost employee productivity, etc.

Policies and preferences for both Mailwall Remote and Surfwall Remote can now be modified and customized on the same web access account. This will help businesses manage their entire network security at on place from anywhere...

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