Home User Security Suite version 3.0
with Vista and Firefox compatibility

News from Omniquad | May 2008Back to Mailwall Remote page

Omniquad has released new version of Total Security Suite for enhanced protection for SoHo segment.

The new suite integrates all modules into one easy to use interface. Total security Suite now comes in two variants - Total Security Suite and Total Security Premium. Apart from the existing applications there is addition of Parental control for Home users. The suite will provide more number of applications to cater to various online security needs.

Total Security Suite includes Antivirus, Antispy, Spam Blocker, MyPrivacy, Anonymous Surfing, Password Organiser, and Personal Firewall. In addition to the modules in Total security, Total Security Premium comes with surveillance and encryption tools, Antiphishing, and much more to cater to all the security needs a user can ever have.

Now Home Security Suite compatible with Vista and Firefox.