Power Upgrade 2008

News from Omniquad | November 11, 2008Back to Mailwall Remote page

Omniquad has launched a special limited period offer for existing Omniquad customers:

Buy any add-on Mailwall service or one of the other 3 Omniquad services before 24th December 2008 and get 33% off!

Omniquad Services available under this scheme:

  1. E-Mail Hosting
    E-mail Hosting Solutions from the E-Mail Security Experts

  2. Border Secure
    Complete perimeter Security and vulnerability assessment for your organisation.

  3. Surfwall Remote
    Managed web content/Access Security

  4. Exchange Archiving
    Managed Exchange Server Message Archiving and Disaster Recovery

  5. ECRS
    E-Mail Contingency and Recovery

An alternate offer is getting one selected service free on purchasing any service at full price.

Existing subscribers can get early renewals to take advantage of this offer.

Activate the Mailwall trials from the service page yourself and Email Us or speak to your account manager for more information.