Omniquad launches new
E-mail Encryption Service

News from Omniquad | November 16, 2011Back to Mailwall Remote page

New E-mail Encryption Service from Omniquad allows organisations to send and receive secure e-mail without the need for any additional on-site software or hardware.

Integrating with Omniquad's hosted e-mail security service Mailwall Remote,the Encryption Service offers policy based as well as end-user control over which messages are encrypted. Policies can define individual senders,recipients or domains as well as content or attachments.

The service allows email recipients to access confidential messages using a secure portal, rather than having the emails delivered directly to their mailboxes. The recipient can also use the portal to reply to messages securely, maintaining a secure conversation thread.

These new encryption features are available in addition to traditional method of securing traffic such as boundary-based protection using Transport Layer Security (TLS).