Make life easier for your employees with Temporary Web Exclusions

News from Omniquad | March 1, 2012Back to Mailwall Remote page

Omniquad introduced a new feature to its Surfwall Remote cloud web security service – the end user can now self-request or self-authorise access to a site that would be normally blocked – for categories where it is deemed appropriate by the IT manager.

For example, the company policy may normally block access to Streaming Music sites for all employees -however some users, from time to time, have genuine reason to access these sites. The new Surfwall Remote feature allows the end user to request access to such site directly from the blocked page, get authorisation immediately and proceed without any further interruption. The IT manager can then decide in his or her own time whether such exclusion should become permanent – otherwise it will revert back to the default “blocked” setting after defined period.

Temporary Web Exclusions are certainly more suited for some categories than others – typically IT manager wouldn’t for example want to allow them for Gambling sites. But where appropriate – and the IT manager has the full control here – they make the web policy enforcement more fluid and let everyone get on with their job little bit easier.