LinkedIn Scam Emails stopped by Omniquad Mailwall Remote

News from Omniquad | June 8, 2012

Following the security breach where millions of passwords to business networking site LinkedIn was leaked online scammers are now targeting LinkedIn users.

Emails are sent inviting users to click on the link to update their passwords.

This is an example of a fraudulent password reset email purporting to be from LinkedIn:

LinkedIn Email Scam example

The scam emails claiming to be from LinkedIn can be distinguish in different ways as follows:

  1. While we pointing the mouse over the hyperlink Click Here, we can see that the site is redirecting to some malicious/spam website instead of LinkedIn site.
  2. Sender address/domain,does not look like linkedIn.
  3. We can check the source IP address too, whether the mail is originating from linkedIn.

Omniquad filters are up-to date to block such kind of threats.

If you don’t have email content security in place, be extra vigilant with any emails from LinkedIn, and verify against the points above.