Stock Email Scam “Hurry up and buy
these shares now the price is low”

News from Omniquad | July 3, 2012

Another old timer is currently doing the rounds, having originated in an Android.

We have intercepted some Stock Email Scam, and would like to warn those of you who don’t have email filtering with spam protection in place.

Picture: Stock Email Scam

The message body is simple, just a call to Enable Images to see the message.

It is sent through Yahoo! Mail on Android, and this gives a sense of urgency. The sender is on the go, the recipient is on the go, and might be caught out by the urgency of the mail to act.

Picture: Stock Email Scam Splash page

Spammers buying companies share at a cheap price and sending bulk emails with misleading share tips about well performing companies to push up the price of shares artificially and encouraging victims to invest in those company shares. The scammer then sells their own shares at a high profit before the price collapses. Needless to say, the only people to ever get rich from such schemes are the scammers themselves, and not the victims.

Stock spam is also known as pump-and-dump schemes.

Most of the time the stock spam uses obfuscation techniques To evade spam filters (e.g. the subject line may use “st0ck” instead of “stock”) or they will add spaces in between letters of the word, also they will put some legitimate information of the featured company to appear more plausible.

So, whether you are offered Viagra or Rolex watches, or to invest in the stock market, we advise not to respond or buy any stuff from spam mail. Remember the old adage:

“If it looks too good to be true, it usually is”

We would like to add “Think before you Click, and part with any cash or credit card details”