Bad Rabbit
New ransomware virus outbreak

News from Omniquad | Oct 25, 2017

New ransomware virus outbreak of Bad Rabbit began spreading across the world, on Tuesday 24th Oct 2017, we have been proactively monitoring the unfolding events and intelligence reports, as well as reviewing our detection algorithms and threat signatures.

One of the key principles of the Omniquad solution is zero-hour protection for our users. As a responsible vendor, we are naturally being extra-vigilant during this unprecedented global outbreak.

This incident emphasizes the importance of patching your computer systems on regular basis and having multiple layers of security in place. While Omniquad is protecting your business domain mail, we recommend that customers consider the risk of malicious threats arriving through personal mail accounts. Quality local anti-virus protection is essential for this.

No further action is necessary on your part, however if you have any questions, please contact your IT Support Helpdesk or email us at to start your free trial.