Surfwall Remote
Hosted web security and access control management

Block malicious websites, applications and downloads,
manage internet use in your organization, reduce
security risks with increased efficiency and productivity.

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Web-filtering services from Omniquad;
Your web security from a Cloud just nano-seconds away

Surfing the Internet and using social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube has become the norm in society. Employees need access to the World Wide Web, but protecting your assets is an increasing concern.

Surfwall Remote is an advanced web filtering and access management solution that put you in control of your employees activities online. At the same time it is so scalable that it will allow your employees to make their own judgement and suspend their own exclusion policies if necessary for their role.

With Surfwall Remote, you allow them to go online and manage the how, where and when. You will also have peace of mind knowing all Internet traffic is being monitored to keep your proprietary information secure.

Keeping track of your web security is now even easier and safer than ever before thanks to Surfwall Remote, our technologically advanced cloud based security system. There are many great features of this system but the main one is that it creates for a much happier and productive workplace as employees can access Facebook, Ebay, personal email and even blocked websites all with the blessing of company bosses!

Omniquad’s Surfwall Remote not only allows bosses to block sites using over 90 categories such as gambling, porn and media streaming, but those grey areas like social networking can be filtered even further to allow employees limited access at certain times, for example lunchtime, but still block access to games, applications and videos through their social network. Plus, if an employee needs access to a blocked site, they can send in a request and be granted immediate access for scheduled time. The IT administrator can then decide whether or not to allow permanent access for that employee. It’s our best ever security system that keeps you fully protected whilst giving you complete control of your own network!

Easy Installation and Scalable Protection

All you need to do for the Surfwall Remote service is to point your network to a server that we'll set up just for you. Your employees will have access to it wherever and whenever they need. As your business grows, you can increase the service to cover the extra load.

Zero Hour Protection

The Internet is filled with malware, viruses, trojans and spyware that evolve and find holes in network security. Surfwall Remote is constantly installing the latest updates before the average anti-virus software on the market. Our program continuously scans the web for outbreaks as they emerge. It adds an additional protection layer to ensure the best possible safeguards. Once a suspicious piece of code is detected, it is automatically removed before reaching your system.

Virus and Spyware Blocking

Surfwall Remote monitors all inbound and outbound data for anything that could be harmful to your computers. When it finds malicious threats, they are instantly blocked. Because our service is cloud based, we're able to utilize multiple anti-virus technologies, offering you four times the protection of any one program.

Controlled Web Access

Access to the Internet is completely controlled and safe. Surfwall Remote allows you to block content you deem inappropriate while safeguarding against harmful intrusions. Your access panel contains over 80 categories, time schedules and rules for access. With all the portable devices your employees use, you will no longer have to be concerned about how they access your network.

Add Security with Google Safe Browsing

We didn't reinvent the wheel, we just programmed an interface with Google's extensive safe site list. With Surfwall Remote and Google, your security is increased. The rules for malware and spyware work in conjunction to block harmful downloads and the new rules are automatically added to our database.

Easy, Detailed Reports

We pride ourselves on having an easily-navigated control panel with completely customisable reports. Surfwall Remote's dashboard has an entire section just for tracking use and locating problem areas. Best of all, it is easy to set up and find exactly what you want. Search by user, domain, keyword, time or by website. You have all the statistics right at your fingertips. The software also allows you to see what is happening in real time with our live display. You will know instantly who is online, what site they are on, what sites are the most popular, who uses the Internet the most and what they are searching for. Surfwall Remote is an excellent way to monitor your network use.

Key features:

  • A fully managed web-based service with complete Active Directory integration
  • 24/7 access to technical support
  • Zero-hour protection with live advice from our Network Operations Centre
  • Built in social media access control
  • Undesirable websites in over 86 categories screened out
  • Policy and security settings controlled through a single web interface
  • Games filtered out of social networking sites
  • The most advanced web usage reporting features
  • Works with Google Safe Browsing for added security

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